You can make a good decision on a bad foundation. But only if you're lucky!


An essential prerequisite for effective action is to have a qualified foundation on which to make the right decision. This foundation must be easy to understand and easy to work with for all people involved in the company, regardless of their organizational level.


The foundation must, at the very least, provide an overview of the current situation and of the factors that contribute to reaching the overall objectives and, often just as importantly, the factors that do not contribute to this end.


Believing is not enough.

At the same time the foundation should also take into account and reveal the factors which, in themselves have a direct impact on the overall objectives and the ones that are instead consequences of other, underlying causes. If this division between cause and effect is not understood, there is great risk of treating symptoms instead of causes. The difference is obvious - both in terms of wasted resources, time and management credibility.


Very many companies spend significant resources in improving conditions thought to generate value for customers and employees. In reality, the source of employee involvement and customer loyalty may relate to entirely different factors than the ones believed. Therefore, believing is not enough to make sound decisions - you need to know.


One by one, or in combination.

You can check out our different types of analysis models in the left side menu. These analyses can all improve the foundation for your decision making significantly, to help you drive and develop your area of responsibility. The analyses have been designed to create value both individually and in combination. You could start by using one of them to upgrade your decision making and subsequently add further analysis, once you get the need for a deeper insight.