Employee surveys


Create value with HR through analyses by RelationMonitor.


RelationMonitor has extensive experience with employee surveys that help maximise return on investment in HR.


A typical employee analysis is the annual or bi-annual satisfaction survey, which maps your employees' current wellbeing, satisfaction, commitment and loyalty. Read more about Employee satisfaction.


Management assessment is another valuable analysis within HR. This type of analysis reveals the quality of the management in your organisation. This type of assessment can be designed and implemented in different ways and you can read a bit more about the opportunities available in the Leadership Surveys section.


In addition to the above mentioned, we have a number of other special HR analyses that can help you realize the full potential of HR in your organisation. Read more about Special Analyses.


Whatever your analysis need within the HR area, we can assist you with an accurate and easy to use solution. Contact us to discover how we can help with your analysis needs.