About our research


Nice to know or need to know: We provide knowledge that can be used.


Many organisations spend too much time on superfluous or useless input, collected based on the wrong starting point. In addition to draining the organisation’s management- and other resources, this kind of approach blurs the overview, creates confusion and makes the path to the goal more complicated.


Solid analyses with a high utility value require precision: both in terms of the questions asked and how the responses are collected and treated.


Individual analyses

Our philosophy is that all businesses are unique. That is why we adjust our analyses to match each client’s specific situation. This is your guarantee of valid and useful data and a foundation for decisions, based solely on the core.


Tailored analyses need not cost more than standard analyses because working with RelationMonitor guarantees you a head start. We take point of departure in our well-tested and internationally recognised concepts and analytical models, which we then adjust to each specific context. This gives you targeted analysis of top quality at a reasonable price.