Employee satisfaction


The strongest tool on the market to optimize employee satisfaction and loyalty

RelationMonitor has developed a simple, accurate and easy to use analysis concept to ensure and optimize employee satisfaction and loyalty.


Proven analytical model

The concept is based on renowned HR theory and widespread practical experience in the HR area. The analysis is based on an advanced statistical causality model, which is documented and proven globally - across industries, markets, and organization types & sizes.


Get a valuable overview

The analysis offers managers and HR responsibles at all levels of your organization an accurate and easy to use overview of the current situation along with the factors that create satisfaction and a sense of attachment to the organization.
At this level, you can easily identify where in the organization there is a need for improvement and which initiatives when undertaken will have the greatest effect on employee satisfaction.


Precision is the difference and the decisive advantage

The uniqueness of the analysis concept lies in its ability to identify the factors that create the wellbeing, satisfaction and sense of attachment to the company of each individual employee, as well as the extent to which these factors are met, notably without compromising employee anonymity.
Our analyses are especially popular due to their down to earth approach that provides an accurate and detailed picture of how to do what.


Customized Concept

The concept is generic in its essence, but we do adapt it to your organization and the specific situation you find yourselves in. This means that you get a professional, targeted analysis of high quality at an attractive price.

The analysis can be conducted in the languages relevant to you and if you need to ask additional questions to selected participant groups or use various forms of data gathering (electronic, paper based etc.) this is naturally also possible.
The results will be delivered through a web-based portal that features interactive online reports, which can be filtered and tabulated based on your needs, or in PowerPoint, PDF or Excel.
The contents of the individual reports will be adapted to the context in which they are used in the target group (eg. HR, account management, etc.) making them easy to understand and use in the subsequent follow-up work.
If you are interested in knowing more about the concept and what you can get out of using it, feel free to contact us on +45 70 258 852.