ECSI - European Customer Satisfaction Index


An international tool for optimising customer satisfaction and loyalty


ECSI (European Customer Satisfaction Index) is an analytical tool, designed to provide a sound basis for selecting the right marketing strategy. With ECSI the company can find out which factors are most important to the creation of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


ECSI was initiated by the EU Commission in collaboration with the European Foundation for Quality Management and the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) along with a network of universities and business schools. ECSI Technical Committee has developed the method of analysis which is a so-called econometric model and a causality analysis.


The EU originally initiated the development of ECSI heavily inspired by the US, where a similar tool (ACSI) has been very successful. That tool was developed by Swedish Professor Claes Fornell, one of the world's leading experts in the measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Get a head start with RelationMonitors effect analyses

At RelationMonitor we apply the principles and methodology behind both the above mentioned tools in our analyses. This essentially means that you get the best possible starting point with an analysis from us.


We are constantly challenging ourselves in developing innovative solutions and recently we developed a statistical method that makes it possible to conduct an effect analysis at individual level, different from most solutions available on the market today. Typically these are done on corporate or group level without individual level insight.


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