Customer Satisfaction


Having satisfied and loyal customers is priceless


Most companies have an idea about why their customers have chosen the company in the first place. It could be due to a promotional offer, an existing relationship, a pure coincidence or something entirely different that initially sparked the action to create contact. However, the big question is why customers choose to stay customers (where they are)


What is it exactly that customers appreciate? What can they not do without? And – no less important - what can they actually definitely do without?


Get the answers with a customer satisfaction survey from RelationMonitor

A customer satisfaction survey provides you with answers to important questions such as:


  • How satisfied and loyal are your customers?
  • What is the source of their current levels of customers satisfaction and loyalty?
  • Which offerings, when improved, will have the have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction?
  • How do the customers perceive the company's image in the market?
  • Who are the primary competitors and how are they perceived? 


With a customer satisfaction analysis, you will get answers to these important questions and at the same time identify any dissatisfied customers. It will also identify and give you what you need to deal with the issues that cause their dissatisfaction, long before they make the decision to switch to the competitor.


Base actions on documented knowledge

This knowledge is essential if you intend to deliver what your customers demand. It will also give you a chance to focus your efforts on the very things that will have the greatest effect – and help you target these directly without wasting time on areas that are less relevant to your customers


Relation Monitor can help you with specific and up to date knowledge about your customers and their priorities, so you base your efforts upon sound documented knowledge rather than sheer belief. Contact us for details.