Touch Point analysis


Good experiences create satisfied and loyal customers. Are you aware of how your customers perceive you?


You get the loyalty you deserv. All customers continually evaluate the companies they choose do business with. This evaluation happens based on their experiences with your company and its products or services.


The evaluation done by customers occurs in all types of contact with the company - directly as well as indirectly - whatever the situation and context.


Good experiences are a good investment

Studies show that a positive customer experience significantly increases the life cycle of the customer relationship, as well as the level of customer spending. Similarly, with a positive experience the amount of unsolicited customer inquiries with a potential sales outcome also rises.


This affects the company’s results positively - both directly through increased sales with minimal sales effort and indirectly through higher efficiency in the general sales work.


Naturally, all customer- or process responsible staff have a clear interest in ensuring the best possible "contact experience" for their customers.


Focus on the quality levels in the most important contact points

Typically companies have a wide range of customer contact points, - often more than management itself is aware of. These contact points include everything from the customers’ use of products or services to direct dialogue with its employees through various channels of communication, or IT-based self-service solutions.


In order to use resources in the best possible way, it is important to always have a precise overview of the quality of the individual contact points as well as determining which of the contact points actually affect customer loyalty the most.


RelationMonitor provides the overview

With the online contact analyses from RelationMonitor, you will get this necessary overview. You can follow the customers' experiences continuously, for example their satisfaction with shop visits, transactions, deliveries or dialogue customer service - or any other contact, regardless of time and place- and in real time so you always work with fresh data.


This way you will always have your finger on the pulse and be able to respond quickly to critical levels of quality or poor customer experiences and rectify them to minimize the damage. It is also possible to see the consequences of initiated improvement measures and adjust these on an ongoing level, to achieve the desired effect.


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