360 degree leadership evaluation


Have you succeeded in retaining valuable staff?

 360° analysis is the term given to a type of analysis whereby managers are evaluated by key internal stakeholders.

At RelationMonitor we have the understanding, the experience, the methodology and the technology required to carry out 360° management evaluations. The method provides a thorough understanding of the managers' performance in various areas relevant to the company.


Focus on the manager

360° analysis ensures managers are evaluated by all the relevant stakeholders they deal with:

  • Senior management
  • Managerial peers
  • Subordinate staff
  • Managers themselves


The strategy as foundation

A 360° analysis is most beneficial when based on the company's strategies. This is because each company has its own goals and objectives that require specialized management skills.
360° analysis is a powerful management tool which evaluates the company’s management through a structured process. It provides targeted information both on individual and overall company-related areas, and gives management a valuable Return On Investment in leadership disciplines.