Management communication


Managers spend up to 80% of their time on communication. Could it be made more efficient?

Latest research shows that managers spend 80% of their time on communication - and far from always in the best possible way. Unfortunately, managers often have difficulties assessing their own efforts and changing the course.
This is now possible with "The communication Mirror" - a simple way to enable managers to improve their communication skills.


Helping managers needn’t be so difficult

Research suggests that the solution is not necessarily expensive competence programs but instead fairly simple train-yourself assistance.
Most managers can of course communicate – many of them just need some guidance to be the so-to-speak best version of themselves in daily life at work. And even more importantly, they need real sparring, to see themselves from the receiver’s perspective so that they realize how they perform and attend to any areas they may need to spend more time on.


Effective tool

With The Communication Mirror we have developed an effective tool in collaboration with communications researcher Anne Katrine Lund (AKL Communications). It provides a precise overview of how each manager’s type of communication works, and furthermore it assists the manager in taking effective action through professional coaching.
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